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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Dictator

The Dictator


James Bredin

Finding a leader is the easy part but afterwards he wont go away
Power being the ultimate aphrodisiac he wants to stay and stay
He will delay the decision of an election Ďcause he could loose his job
With no set dates and itís his choice and he likes being a snob

A crooked politician only needs to sell his soft socialist policy
Without term limits, canít be impeached, and no need for honesty
And appoint ambitious friends to all the high judicial places
To help him hide his files from all those prying eyes and faces

These appointees canít be questioned and thatís such a relief
About their own hidden agendas, special interests or prejudiced beliefs
And a person who would question this, obviously has no respect
For those dressed like bishops whom he secretly covertly selects

Where questions canít be repeated if documents are deleted
No questions about bank loans or how much these crooks cheated
And appointed RCMP and the Ethics Guy say everythingís okay
So bow your head and believe because this bunch canít betray

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