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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Dark times of 2003

The Dark times of 2003


James Bredin

A lack of electricity can destroy your day,
As the food in your freezer flops and floats away,
And the summer heat starts to sear and take its toll,
And you wish you were somewhere nearer the North Pole.

The political pundit explain it away,
In thirty-five degree temperature heat of the day,
With traffic lights long gone and the rush-hour on
"Itís the grid thatís wrong," you hear, "but it wonít take long."

The politicians praise you for being so cool,
In thirty-three degree temperatures -- no fool!
What can you do when theyíve got you trapped in hell?
The subways are all stopped and they tell you "Itís swell."

Some valiant volunteers got out of their cars and waved,
In the middle of intersections and traffic saved,
Flights out of the city were cancelled so go back home,
And add to the rush hour and donít make a moan.

Cell phones silent so donít even try to get through,
Computerís down but that you already knew,
Itís getting quite dark and youíre running out of gas,
And the pumps are all closed at the stations you pass.

Then you pass a nuclear power station or two,
Not making electricity but then whatís new?
I heard those nuclear nerds canít feel the heat,
The ATMs are closed as you sweat in your seat.

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