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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Beginning and end of an Era

The Beginning and end of an Era


James Bredin

Emperor of nothing liked to be recognized in New York,
UN multilateral leverage - dithering of the dork,
He was there in 2000 for the announcement of Earth Charter,
Both communists Castro and Mugabe marching like martyrs.

He taxed and spent and traveled with our sick sixty-six-cent dollars,
Threatening another election if someone slightly hollered,
With half the provinces locked to federal welfare assistance,
Equalization payments pruned out to programs of persistence.

Pumping pompous propaganda of socialist shenanigan,
The Access Act, a billion dollars and silent Shawinigan,
Appointing judges without questions ‘bout their own hidden horrors,
To make laws based on his socialist Charter, to our sorrows.

But 9/11 broke the spell that every thing was doing swell,
Though he behaved as though it was just an American hell,
Therefore nothing would change in the Canadian scheme of things,
Don’t join George; sit on a select fence with suggestions from the wings.

But soon it seems the UN will be dealt a new deck of cards
The game has changed; the prancing, the posturing and the awards
No sitting on the fence as though this affair was a mystery,
This is real, this is now, lack of pride with his sleazy history.

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