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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Supreme Court of Canada and Democracy

Supreme Court of Canada and Democracy


James Bredin

Dictatorial decisions by an appointee,
Dumbed down democracy damned difficult to see,
Unaccountable judges excused from questions asked,
‘Bout their individual interests or eccentric pasts.

Appointed for life or until they’re seventy-five,
Judicial dictatorship while they’re still alive,
Dressed up like ancient bishops wearing long gowns,
What they see in the Charter could change with a frown.

And don’t dare to think or ever ask a question,
Just believe, have faith and never make a suggestion,
Though they may change every second law in the land,
While real lawmakers stand by with their heads in the sand.

And their sacred status quo set rigid still in time,
Like standing straight in history -- supreme and sublime,
In some ancient Roman relief on a castle wall,
Before their imperial empire began to fall.

And they proclaim that this is all democracy,
Just that they have been pronounced aristocracy,
And isn’t equality great with no recall?
Without referendums with your backs to the wall?

And changes can be stopped with a snap election,
Special programs for the voting-block selections,
Where less than half the people even bother to vote,
Because they know that change is distant and remote.

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