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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - SARS, mad cow and the Liberals

SARS, mad cow and the Liberals


James Bredin

Suppose they lied about SARS and said it was gone,
And who was this WHO who dared from over yon?
Gave Canadian politicians a shock about being vague,
American tourists avoided the place like the plague.

And then SARS returned as though with a vengeance,
Hit hospitals, doctors and nurses and those in attendance,
And the dearly departed were counted nervously nightly,
Pompous politicians stopped pretending and stepped lightly.

Surely, they stammered, this SARS stuff will soon end,
So the voters will believe again and they wont have to pretend,
But the SARS is surely far away in Toronto so why worry?
We’ll just stay here in Ottawa so there’s no need to hurry.

And the people who catch SARS may not be voting soon,
Therefore we wont count on them for this election next June,
And we may just have to delay the election another year or two,
Because we care about the plague and there’s nothing they can do.

And that other mad-cow plague is only way out in the west,
And those people seldom vote Liberal so it’s only their mess,
Sure it was only one cow but the Americans refused our meat
Just like we refused to go to Iraq and our friends - the UN elite.

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