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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Referendums and Recall

Referendums and Recall


James Bredin

Canadian politicians have banned referendums and recall,
That and term limits could cause_ well power withdrawal,
And power being the ultimate aphrodisiac -- they want to stay,
And hopefully to the United Nations eventually some day.

They don’t want to be recognized for what they really are,
Secret socialists, committed communists ‘cause this leaves a scar,
Lounge lizard Liberals threatening to call another snap election,
By bought constituents with few choices or selections.

People locked in to various programs for this and for that,
Work for a while and then it’s welfare so results are down pat,
Fishermen and lumbermen working for a while to comply,
With different named programs dolled out by the elected guy.

And proportional representation is what Liberals fear,
‘Cause they’d be a small minority and cry in their beer,
Therefore these changes are stopped right in their tracks,
They stay in power - no looking around, up or down or back.

But don’t dare draw attention to their filthy can of worms,
Because Liberals bought enough members to fill any quorum,
Someone should put in motion the changes to be made,
Allow referendums and recall to stop their socialist charade.

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