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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Our Friends in Ottawa

Our Friends in Ottawa


James Bredin

Hijacked multiculturalism and itís theirs,
Their immigrant vote-block counts but who cares,
Claiming closure in debates to push their laws,
Dictatorship never has time to figure flaws.

They prefer individuals linked to a group,
Easier to influence the vote or stop a coup,
Theyíre into groups - not Canadians as a whole,
No conflict of interest in Shawinigan role.

Missing billion here, trillion there and canít get nailed,
No referendums or recall; they cannot be jailed,
They appoint their friends as Supreme Court judges,
Without questions, amid smiles, grins and nudges.

Canít vote for a prime minister or have set election dates,
These groups vote en masse as their vote-blocks dictate,
Canadians brow beaten into this condition,
Slowly surely Ottawa bent them into submission.

Spend money like water at Niagara Falls,
Billions on nuclear power but none at all,
Billions on Kyoto and their UN pals,
In Afghanistan carrying UN decals.

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