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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Ottawa Newspeak

Ottawa Newspeak


James Bredin

Orwellian newspeak in Ottawa is 7/24,
Immersed in their importance but being an absolute bore,
They showed their shallow tarnished colors during 9/11,
Though they often go to NY but they go to UN heaven.

They overlook a dozen dictators’ dumb dastardly deeds,
To missing people and code of conduct they pay no heed,
Their socialist focus on the Third World is always a closed door,
Where programs and policies are pointless but few know the score.

And sure just like in Shawinigan there’s nothing going on,
Just call an election and all shame and scandal will be gone,
Appoint the proper people but no queries or questions asked,
And hide it all in the Access Act where conduct can be masked.

Constantly tell concerned citizens exactly what to think,
Propaganda of phony patriotism pushed with a wink,
Pronounce the appropriate programs for the proper voting blocks,
So they’ll sell their very souls to stay in the socialist flock.

And nothing is allowed to change because Ottawa knows the score,
No referendums or recall in propaganda 7/24,
No proportional representation ‘cause they’re good at heart,
People might start to think again and upset the applecart.

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