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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Nuclear Headlines Feb 7th, 2003

Nuclear Headlines Feb 7th, 2003


James Bredin

They say the staff cut corner at the nuclear plant today
Headlines in the Star and these implications wont go ‘way
Inappropriate behavior, they wrote was the real reason
Public paid no attention because they read it every season

And a Pickering employee pressured to submit a false report
Didn’t say about what where or when or who was in consort
Because so few know what goes on inside a nuclear plant
Fine functionaries fumble frequently and nobody said they can’t

The quality control inspectors just want to keep their jobs
They don’t want to be part of those unemployed mobs
So they’ll restart the reactor because they have the authority
They’ll have another meeting to discuss priority with the majority

Their safety propaganda is worthy of Joseph Stalin’s crowd
And what really happens is kept behind their big secret shroud
We may find out about this stuff if or when a fire occurs
Amid the smoke and radioactivity and nuclear nerd slurs

But no worry ‘cause Ministry of Environment says it’s okay
They just signed Kyoto and the taxpayers will pay and pay
Forget Three Mile Island and near meltdown at Chernobyl
We’re not like them; we’re nuclear workers and we’re so noble

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