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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Location of Saddam

Location of Saddam


James Bredin

Saddam arrived at Toronto Airport sneakily last week,
Pretending to be a woman -- it was funny -- him trying to sneak,
Black eyes looking out through a slit in a long silk greenish veil,
Claiming to be a refugee though it was obvious he was a male.

"Saddam," I said, because I surmised and guessed it had to be him.
"Thought you were in Baghdad in army uniform looking grim,
"I escaped," he said, "and now Iím just a refugee on the take.
And all those TV appearances in Baghdad were just old video tape."

"Where are you going?" I asked. "Dressed like a woman; what will you do?"
"Iím going to be a Liberal politician - the righteous few,
Join those who opposed George Bush - heís just too rough,
I may even be PM Ďcause Iíve got experience in the right stuff."

"But Saddam," I said. "Youíll give almost everyone a dreadful fright."
"Why?" he asked. "Iím included in his -- for everyone -- Charter of Rights.
Iíve got a dozen immigration lawyers pushing my case,
ĎCause those American war mongers are such an awful disgrace."

"Youíll never get away with it," I said. "Immigration wont arrange."
"Oh yes they will," he said. "And itís time for Canadian regime change."
"Itís just that it will take a little time and Iím not yet in contention,
Iíll talk to members at the next Liberal leadership convention."

"But Saddam," I asked "What would you do if you were prime minister?
"Iíd impose term limits," he said. "íCause staying in office is sinister."
"And Iíd give Canadians referendums and recall of stupid politicians
Iíd cut taxes in half and never ask the opposition for permission.

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