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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Liberal Reaction to this War

Liberal Reaction to this War


James Bredin

The axis of weasels, waffle and worry when asked to join the war,
Find and follow fellow French speaking friends at the UN from near and far,
Then pompously prance and parade and pronounce in parliamentary debate,
Lounge lizard Liberal lackeys love Saddam in his far-off pirate state.

Callous commitment to communist dictators and that sadist Saddam,
Surely sleaze out of sync but these Liberals donít give a goddamn,
A disagreement about war is merely more disparity on display,
Nothing new in the notorious Liberal naivety they frequently portray.

Supporting the loosing side in a war could be considered dim,
Not for those who can call another snap election and win,
With half the provinces tied to their equalization pay outs,
Pinned to Liberals socialist programs that prevent any doubts.

They seem to think they have the moral higher ground,
Where international socialist policies and hostility abound,
As they seek out other self-righteous and refuse to join the allies,
And leave Canada in left field with socialist-communists rallies.

And Canadians of course donít have referendums or callbacks,
Or proportional representation or facts in their callous Access Act,
Liberal legacy of their cowardly stand will bring us sorrow,
Will we ever have control of our politicians even tomorrow?

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