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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Liberal Propaganda about war

Liberal Propaganda about war


James Bredin

Some Canadian newspapers seem to have been written by Saddam,
Or some other committed left-wing Liberal who doesnít give a goddamn,
For Canada-US relations so long as they believe theyíre right,
Like diehard little communists they want to pump and preach their plight.

They want to explain how Saddam is not bad, but really quite good,
And itís really George W Bush who is a fierce vindictive hood,
They like the Liberals in Ottawa who have called him a moron,
Or call the Americans bastards although have a war going on.

They bend and twist and shape the news with their own pious propaganda,
As if the US was responsible for everything in Rwanda,
Register your guns Canadians and obey before itís too late,
Child poverty is the cause of everything - no need for debate.

Lie about the cops, the Americans and love everything in Quebec,
So long as they obey Ottawa and are careful who they elect,
And UN resolutions rule the world or didnít you know,
Itís multilateralism of the many and the US is the foe.

Itís developing Third World countries that the UN should debate,
And all those left-wing countries not involved in Iraq are great,
Our hidden agenda should ensure that nothing will ever change,
No referendums, term limits, callbacks that might rearrange.

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