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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Lazy Liberal Louts

Lazy Liberal Louts


James Bredin

When Liberals want to stall, they commission biased pole,
Bent questions asked to ensure the straightjacket of their socialist goal,
Change nothing but solidify and strengthen themselves in power,
Cater to communists, socialists, Francophonie friends - what a shower!

Without term limits or referendums they can stay for life,
And proportional representation theyíll cut out with a knife,
And constitutional changes or flat tax will never be allowed,
Nor voting for a prime minister while our heads are all bowed.

Liberal legacy of lechery with pumped up propaganda,
Misinformation pointing here and there but never at referenda
Like a virus on your computer that wants to stay and will not go Ďway
No set election dates and compliant Canadians all obey.

Liberals will ensure relations with the Americans are bad,
They have better UN relations with Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Chad,
No war in Iraq, balanced budget or paying down the national debt,
No time to even think in case one might wake up in a cold sweat.

Their appointed Supreme Court judges change every little law,
For special-interest groups by inserting their socialist flaws,
Canít ask about hidden prejudice and special interests bias,
Laws based on their international socialist charter - so pious.

Itís multilateralism and politically correct finesse,
Invite all their Francophonie friends to New Brunswick as guests,
They love the UN and all that entrenched status quo routine,
But 9/11 changed everything completely from what it had been.

And they believe they still count in the bureaucracy of world affairs,
Where their peacekeeping - no war - has been discounted by US dare,
And parliamentary TV canít show the whole parliament room,
Canít see missing MPs in the tropics in the big empty tomb.

And refugees and terrorist are lined up at the airport,
Claiming refugee status where immigration lawyers consort,
But thereís fifty thousand missing and no one knows where they went,
But the Liberals are not worried in this giant circumvent.

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