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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - His Lost and Lecherous Legacy

His Lost and Lecherous Legacy


James Bredin

Chretienís Liberal legacy will put us penniless and poor
Leaving our loonie lounging in the sixty-cent sewer
Helpless to shake off the shambles of his socialist mob
That taxed and spent and gave and lent as their fulltime job.

And those shenanigans in Shawinigan: how did he survive?
Called another election; increased his majority by five,
Taxed and traveled more as he was going out the door
A legacy of lechery that will be impossible to ignore

What about the missing $billion; where did it go?
The Mounty and the ethics guy couldnít find the missing dough
Because conflict of interest was never considered a crime
By prime ministerís appointees - close friends at the time

And the Charter that he wrote has never been changed
For "everyone" in the world including strange and deranged
Bin Laden and Saddam could both claim refugee status
Add them to the sixty thousand already in the apparatus

Maybe you knew this all along and wondered what was wrong
As the Liberal propaganda said we should all get along
Theyíre future prospective voters - no terrorists, no fear
Politically correct legacy of temerity so dear and sincere

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