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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Get rid of Nuclear Power

Get rid of Nuclear Power


James Bredin

Today was no different - the usual day of the week,
Again they failed to report and hid another nuclear leak,
And the nuclear commissioners left completely in the dark,
They may as well have gone and had a long walk in the park,

The public watchdog on nuclear guys only knew what they were told,
Appointees who knew no nuclear stuff can easily be sold,
A false bill of goods about serious radioactive leaks,
That could radiate the region into radioactive freaks.

And the public has been conditioned because of repetition,
Insignificant on page seven with some competition,
Like yesterdays news; it will all quietly blow away,
Except at Chernobyl where those in the wind still suffer today.

Unfortunately weíre caught because of technology they bought,
And their refusal to back off or change what they have wrought,
Somewhere in their management I detect someone very thick,
Wind generated electricity is clean, itís easy and itís quick.

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