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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Get rid of Canadian Armed Forces

Get rid of Canadian Armed Forces


James Bredin

The Canadian Armed Forces seem to be down in the dumps,
Forty-year-old Sea King helicopters that canít make no jumps,
Peacekeepers in Rwanda watched as close to a million were killed,
Morose UN morale not meant for high stepping soldiers being drilled.

And politicians who strut their stuff for the United Nations,
Extravagant announcements from Africa on extended vacations,
Pompous posturing and proposals in New York for the media,
Propaganda with every phrase in the encyclopedia.

They still canít believe 9/11 or just who to blame,
Theyíre prancing at the UN claiming multilateral fame,
Still taxing and spending in Ottawa and out to screw you,
But the handwriting on the wall might move their UN too.

This multilateral UN menagerie has had its day,
Itís fading fast and furious but then; what can I say!
Theyíll move to Vienna or close down within a year or two,
Amid threats from the left that the world will bereft but then whatís new?

Then dangerous little dictators can slowly starve their own kind,
Where the usual left wing prime ministers have so often dined,
And have the occasional war with no peacekeeping interference,
Resulting in anarchy pestilence from their perseverance.

Therefore the reason for the Canadian armed forces is gone,
Been downgraded anyway by the government all along,
No need to go peacekeeping in faraway isolated places,
No need for old Sea King helicopters or any old bases.

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