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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Genealogy



James Bredin

My name on the 1901 census doesnít mean that much,
Old relative dead in Leitrim long ago largely out of touch,
But Iím curious to know about the man who had my name,
Iím his direct descendent and how much are/were we the same?

If I found his grave would it tell me something grand and great?
About battles, heroes, fights, fears, the famine or just the date?
Or nothing except whatís in the census - national schoolteacher,
There must be more in those mountains - some distinctive feature.

Did he speak the Gaelic, live in a mansion or in squalor?
Was he good, bad or indifferent, a saint or a scholar?
Hidden in the history of Leitrim, lost forever, without fame
Except for the census and a century, itís a guessing game

What ideas did he have in that green Leitrim mountain pass?
What sounds did he hear and what sights did he see; did he go to mass?
What stories could he tell me if he was alive and well today?
About poverty and people enroute to England or the USA.

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