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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Dance of the UN dictators

Dance of the UN dictators


James Bredin

The UN wants you to believe Libya’s intentions are good,
Pompously posturing and proclaiming peace wherever they stood,
Head of the Commission on Human rights by manipulation,
Dance of dictators with congratulations and capitulations.

They also want you to believe that they know where they are going,
While sitting on the fence and hollering but really not knowing,
They want to impress you that Saddam is of little importance,
As they show the true colors of their soft limp impotence.

The UN parlor games became a dance of devil dictators,
Ceausescu, Saddam, Milosevic and other manipulators,
Helpless to do anything about authoritarian despots,
Just as a leopard can’t change his spots neither could these crackpots.

And power is the ultimate aphrodisiac they say,
As they pretend at the UN that they are way above the fray,
The idea of accountability does not appeal,
Even at the slightest suggestion they’ll holler and squeal,

So the UN is seen as the consummate paper tiger,
As in Rwanda where the UN forgot being service provider,
And close to a million people were killed a long way from New York,
Where was the Human Rights Commission during that body of work?

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