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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Close Down the UN

Close Down the UN


James Bredin

UN multilateralism is the way Liberals do it,
Makes them feel fulfilled even though they know they totally blew it,
Wouldn’t help with the war in Iraq because it wasn’t right,
And now they try to justify their wrong decision not to fight.

So the UN is the place that the socialists like to squander,
Our hard earned tax dollars to everyone at the UN and yonder,
And they all feel great about the Canadian contribution,
While the Americans frown at this multilateral solution.

It’s way past the time that this socialist closet was closed down,
They just loved Saddam and other genocidal maniacs around,
They back dictators and despots and rogues left and right and wont fight,
Democracy and dirty details are quietly swept out of sight.

So every little rogue politician who wants to make a name,
Goes for UN multilateralism to magnify his fame,
So the place has now descended down to a breeding ground for rats,
Where they pompously proclaim multilateralism -- these cool cats.

But no proportional representation for any of them,
And term limits or binding referendums they immediately condemn,
And they have thirty-five thousand busy bureaucrats to pay,
To do nothing much more than be busy as they pass the time of day.

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