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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Chretien#s weasel words

Chretien#s weasel words


James Bredin

They reason that they are right in their rhetoric of the left,
And directing big dollars to their friends is not really theft,
And Shawinigan shenanigans should be forgotten by now,
Don’t help Republican Americans in this war anyhow.

The slippery trained Liberal seals were all pumped up with glee,
‘Cause Chretien refused to help the Americans neighbors, you see,
He refused a good fight and went peacekeeping somewhere over there,
As his legacy of lechery will continue to be declare.

To refuse to help friends and neighbors is as bad as it is sad,
Especially when they need you - not our left-leaning Liberal lad,
His weary weasel waltz of weakness could only help Saddam,
Chretien could call a snap election so doesn’t give a goddamn.

Him and Chirac speak French and just love the United Nations,
Speak softly of Saddam and scorn old war-time relations,
Appeal for appeasement and apparently oppose real action,
Propaganda in their papers praises Liberal left wing faction.

Canadians have five minutes to change things once every five years,
But not allowed to vote for their prime minister even as he leers,
No referendums, callbacks, term limits, elected Senate for starter,
Proportional representation or property rights in Charter.

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