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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Changes to the UN Rules

Changes to the UN Rules


James Bredin

The rules of the international UN games have almost changed,
Though left wing socialists rarely realize itís being rearranged,
As they talk regulations and resolutions Ďbout this and that,
And forget completely; never discuss those jet planes hijacked.

They donít realize that 9/11 tainted all of their rules,
Despite demonstrations, the Americans are no longer fools,
Peacekeeping in Rwanda proved just how many could be killed,
While waiting for the UN to stop it but nothing from those drilled.

The misapprehension of multilateralism is gone,
That the little, the weak, the pretentious could pretend they were strong,
Socialist with slippery soft-power pompous policies,
Didnít realize that their true world policies were fallacies.

As they cuddled commie dictators but not democracy,
Send foreign aid their way for their wife-shopping aristocracy,
From these socialist sidekicks with furious inflated egos,
Titles in front and after their names mask communist logos.

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