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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadians and this War

Canadians and this War


James Bredin

I swear I saw Saddam smiling satisfied on the TV last night,
CBC station directing from behind a curtain out of sight,
The journalists and the anchormen had all sold their souls,
They believed that he was right and they just had to fit his mould.

And they screamed about his surveys that we should all accept,
Percentage points about public opinion - his wartime concept,
The silent majority could swing and go this way or that,
If we could find one strong leader to stand up and just go to bat.

Unfortunately we hear woeful words that lead us here and there,
Trying to sit on the fence without a uniform to wear,
With ships of war near the war but hesitant and not involved,
Wishy-washy wandering the Gulf with nothing to be solved.

And if you are Canadian forced to listen to his words,
Whose side are we on -- the Iraqis, the Americans or the Kurds?
Don’t ask your politician ‘cause he/she doesn’t want to know,
They’re too busy listening to waffle words or dancing to and fro.

This dance of disgrace, this dishonor and this cowardly stance,
Will have to remain hidden - no heroes - as though we’re in a trance,
Like the legacy of the Liberals and the Vichy French,
National gutless spineless shame drags us down their timid trench.

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