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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadians and the coalation of the willing

Canadians and the coalation of the willing


James Bredin

Canadians could be compared to a herd of docile sheep,
Stoically being led by a shepherd or a Shawinigan creep,
Not allowed to think or decide or behave or rearrange,
Forbidden referendums and callbacks that could bring about change.

Afraid to help the Americans in this Iraqi war,
Not international socialist/communist agenda so far,
They’d sooner side with Saddam and other well-known dictator types,
And visit them frequently far away and quietly out of sight.

But in classic Liberal wishy-washy ways they’re not so sure,
So send soldiers and sailors close to the war just to ensure,
Because sitting on this slippery fence could start to hurt day and night,
Especially if the Americans shut the border down tight.

It’s the Liberal handout system that just has to endure,
Refugees and rogue politicians can change sides and be secure,
They like to stall without joining the coalition of the willing,
Better publicity in UN peacekeeping than terrorist killing.

‘Cause ambiguous bland behavior allows them to bend the rules,
And Canadians follow like behaving believing programmed mules,
That fighting terrorists is different than peacekeeping ethnic fights,
Pushed by political propaganda for those with no property rights.

And stories of the right that are right are spiked or bent out of sight,
To help Liberal politicians who want to be loved and liked,
But no changes to the system or right wing contamination,
No referendums or callbacks or proportional representation.

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