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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian political system problems

Canadian political system problems


James Bredin

Someone we didnít elect gets the job as our prime minister,
No one asked Canadians if this is right, wrong or sinister.
Very soon heíll just appoint his friends as senators and judges,
Youíll be told to believe and have faith, without questions or grudges.

Judges appointed till death or seventy-five, whichever is first,
Interpret the tealeaves in the Charter and declare their worst,
Dressed up like ancient bishops to impress us mere folk,
Politically correct decisions by appointed pork.

Whether or not you believe this, you donít have a single choice,
Youíre a nobody, shut up, believe the CBC and rejoice,
Itís how Ottawa does democracy so it has to be right,
Listen to the pompous propaganda as they turn out the light.

These are the folk who endlessly travel and circle the globe,
First class, hidden in the Access Act, so you or I canít probe,
Looking for loony causes to leave taxpayersí loonies,
Chretien and his socialists -- no different than Mulroneyís.

We need binding referendums or recall to regain control,
To stop these runaway UN left-wing activists on a roll,
Politicians who are elected to represent the nation,
Not compelled to represent the prime minister in elation.

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