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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian peacekeeping in faraway places

Canadian peacekeeping in faraway places


James Bredin

Should we ask: why have the Armed Forces defending our goals?
To do peacekeeping social work in far away God forsaken holes,
And gain respect at the UN - trying to resolve some ethnic fight --
Pretend and pronounce we’re doing something serious somber and right.

But avoid real wars by our presence nearby but pretending we’re there,
Watching the rockets and missiles overhead with the flash and the glare,
Listening to the sound of guns but staying out of sight and being patient,
Doing nothing without a call to Ottawa or United Nations.

And of course when it’s over we’re going to be so proud if we’re allowed,
Listening to politicians telling us how we’ve never been cowed,
We’ve always done the UN right as they tell us all to stand up and cheer,
We’ll see if the hockey game is over, hide our shame and have a beer.

We can’t change anything in Ottawa unless considered right,
And that includes helping the Americans in this awful fight,
No recall, referendums or proportional representation,
They never have to discuss this stuff down at the United Nation.

But we can watch them on TV as they pump out political trends,
And use "moron" and "bastard" to describe our American friends,
Never Shawinigan shenanigans or where the money went,
They never mention that they might be cowards crooked and bent.

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