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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Political Problems

Canadian Political Problems


James Bredin

We have Liberals in Ottawa who like to strut their stuff,
Their leader, our prime minister, still there running on bluff,
Appointed Supreme Court cadres without queries or questions,
Appointed associates as senators at their suggestions.

He and Pierre wrote his Charter for "everyone" in creation,
Got us twenty thousand refugees as guests of the nation,
Demanding Charter rights and seeking every medical cure,
Filling all the hospital beds and feeling quite secure.

Because if you die while you’re waiting, you’ll never even know,
You’ll be dead and buried - just another Jim, Jack or Joe,
While social agencies completely disregard this neglect,
Because refugees you see are more politically correct.

And there’s more where they came from, still arriving every night,
Claiming refugee status as they walk in from every flight,
Delighted to be here and accept every welfare check,
If there’s a terrorist or two among them, so what the heck!

And the goody-two-shoe types want to heal the problems of the globe,
Think Canada has the cure for their wall-to-wall communist probe,
They’ll invite anyone and everyone in the world they can find,
‘Cause they’d hate to leave even one Liberal voter behind.

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