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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Mentally ill Government

Canadian Mentally ill Government


James Bredin

They craft carefully their communist just societies
Bow towards Ottawa and renounce all other varieties
Because Ottawa socialist shenanigans will show the way
As he appoints the proper pompous people every day

Pious puny public easily led by social engineers
Stalin taught them all how to undermine democracies
Everything horrendous is hidden inside the Access Act
No questions will be answered - a misnomer for managed fact

Sixty-cent dollar and the six hundred billion dollar debt
One third of taxes for the interest and we’re told to forget
‘Bout the many missing billion dollars at Human Resources
Managed media reports confined to government sources

Billions for communist Mugabe ‘cause he needs it over there
From CIDA - international socialist agency of care
Those looking in from the outside must think we’re all mentally ill
Or being punished by the people up on Parliament Hill

And if you’re not on federal welfare now, you may soon be
They want you completely dependent where you’ll have to agree
They have federal programs where people and provinces fit in
You will learn to love them and that’s how they continue to win

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