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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Courts and the Cops

Canadian Courts and the Cops


James Bredin

The courts have told the cops that the law is politically correct,
So donít bring us blacks in here because weíll piously bend and protect,
Itís you racial-profile cops who are on trial -- youíre so intolerant,
We donít care about the evidence - thatís completely irrelevant.

Weíll change the law when and if we want because weíre appointed and good,
Weíll do it again and again until everything is understood,
We donít care if it appears that certain people are beyond the law,
Evidence means nothing if thereís a politically-correct flaw.

We just donít like your stance, your posture and your pompous attitude,
Youíll have to look the other way and give certain drunk drivers wide latitude,
Itís obvious you cops are all lacking and in need of education,
Theyíll have to teach you what to do in a given situation.

And if a defendant makes a complaint, the case goes out the door,
Because itís obvious you learned nothing - what to do and what to ignore,
And forget this crap about trying to protect the community,
We make the law here and if we like, weíll hand out immunity.

Because you too could be charged and could end up loosing your job,
Unless you use politically correct discretion with the mob,
And Internal Affairs will investigate and report back to us,
And you could be homeless in the park in a tent so letís not discuss.

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