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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Changes Needed

Canadian Changes Needed


James Bredin

It doesnít matter how loud a Canadian can scream or shout,
Heís never allowed to bring systemic alterations about,
"Youíre just a number," he is told and told again, "So just never mind."
"You are one of several million and weíre not impressed by your kind."

Because those who dominate donít want anything to change,
That could interfere with travel plans they might have to rearrange,
Donít want referendums or recall that could upset the cart,
And expose their ethics and secret agenda now hidden by the Access Act.

Indications of this national disease are blatant and strong,
Missing billion dollars and police not looking at whatís wrong,
Remember when a dollar was a dollar and not sixty-four cents,
And people had pride in that certain Canadian sense.

We need to change the Constitution and the Charter for us,
Proportional representation for people on the bus,
We need to be able to vote for our own prime minister,
And force flat tax from those who are secretive and sinister.

We need term limits to stop them from staying forever,
And elections by date to stop maneuvering endeavor,
Canadians should have access to government information,
Who gets the foreign aid and all political relation?

Charter for "everyone" is no Canadian Constitution,
Maybe for rogue refugees and a terrorist solution,
Where Supreme Court appointees look and base all their decisions,
No common law or case law in special-interest divisions.

And why canít these appointees be questioned about their sins,
Before they start their job for life dressed up like bishop twins,
What secret agendas are they hiding that could influence?
All the laws in the land without circumstance or elegance?

The public should scrutinize grants to special-interest groups,
To ensure that the Armed forces get money for our troops,
And all votes in parliament should be open on TV and free,
Not disciplined disciples disloyal to you and to me.

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