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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Another fine example

Another fine example


James Bredin

Chretien is an example of how Canadian system is bent,
Thereís no property rights in his Chretien-Trudeau Charter content,
And theyíre all invited in -- refugee from here to Timbuktu,
International socialism - terribly nice and timid and true.

And thereís twenty thousand refugees and terrorists gone missing,
Immigration industry is celebrating and pompously kissing,
Any refugee they can find - could be Saddam or son Uday too,
Canadians pay for it - thatís you and me - and the bill is overdue.

And like Stalin, Saddam and Mugabe but with his Liberal group,
Appointed his judges and commissioners to keep him out of the poop,
To ensure that conflict of interest was overlooked as a Party crime,
Shawinigan shenanigans forgiven and forgotten - pay-back time.

And that missing billion dollars they talked about in parliament that year,
All denied and documents were deleted so thereís no need for fear,
A fine example of what you can do when youíre the Party leader,
You canít be charged or impeached and have no term limits either.

You get down to the office now and register yourself and your gun,
Your name, your address, your number, your friends and say youíre having fun,
Oh, the form is in French, well weíre bilingual and thatís just too bad,
Just pay the money plus the GST, learn French and donít be so mad.

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