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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Why can't we change the system?

Why can't we change the system?


James Bredin

The lawyer said his customer was really not to blame,
Those machine guns were really not registered in his clientís name,
And the cops never told him about his Miranda Charter Rights,
Till long after they had stopped him, arrested and had a fight.

His case, after ten years, is still making its way through the courts,
Therefore the terrorist canít be deported according to reports,
He claims heís not a terrorist and now wants out of jail,
Lots of political left wing activists want to pay his bail,

Their intellectual tentacles are like a virus from hell,
Creeping statism towards their so called utopian cell,
Itís not called lies these days, itís called misinformation,
No referendums, no recall, just political frustration.

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