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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Properly Politically Correct

Properly Politically Correct


James Bredin

Many court imposed publicity bans come in a string,
The so called freedom of the press clashes with the divine right of kings,
Thatís how compliant we are because we donít know whatís being banned,
And the pompous righteous left-wing elites seem to have it all planned.

The incoming crowds of immigrants are politically correct,
Because of Trudeauís international Charter of Rights, we suspect,
Then add in some new religions and our churches may have to go,
These changes without referendums or recall, thanks to Trudeau.

New immigrants stay in their old cultures by satellite dishes,
With their schools and clothes and religions and political wishes,
Should we have to adapt their cultures and clothes and dump ours?
Democracy subservient to politically correct powers.

Are we being led like a herd of sheep into the unknown?
By left wing politicians whose egos are overblown?
Have we finally found ourselves caught in Trudeauís Charter trap?
Irrelevant among media moguls who donít give a crap?

Could political correctness put the whole country into reverse?
For fear of being called racist, narrow minded, homophobic or worse,
Is multicultural madness the order of the day?
And is there another imposed publicity ban coming our way?

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