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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Democracy and dead babies

Democracy and dead babies


James Bredin

With their secret agendas and furious feminist grudges,
Some women have even been appointed Supreme Court judges,
And now we have abortion clinics up and down and here and there,
And for the dead abortion babies, no one seems to care.

This is all accepted as normal in left-wing propaganda,
Though itís always been a part of their buried agenda,
Itís really a sign of how easily the public can be led,
Couldnít even care less about the little babies that are dead.

Society seems on a slippery slope where no one cares,
Though there was once a time when the preachers led us all in prayers,
But that was long ago and now it seems so very far away,
The preachers are still around but these days they have no say.

And the people of course never voted about this concern,
No referendum, no recall and no democratic return.
It was a High Court decision and everyone just obeyed,
Though some said they were afraid and others said they felt betrayed.

And now we are confronted by those in Sharia law,
Abortion clinics not allowed there because they see the flaw,
Even four wives allowed and no dead abortion babies,
Can you see something peculiar here and no ifs ands or maybes?

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