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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Accountable Politicians

Accountable Politicians


James Bredin

After they are elected they tend to think that they are gods,
"No need for recall or control," they say as they give lots of nods,
But we need referendums to control their hidden agenda,
And not be subject to their lies and pompous propaganda.

Crowds at the Canada-US border want to cross every day,
Shoppers going to the US and refugees coming our way,
Because the loonie and the green back are finally at par,
And refugees so seldom get deported which is quite bizarre.

And the few who are deported, come back again and sneak in,
And when they are found, they may be deported again and again,
But because of publicity bans we are not allowed to know,
So quietly politically correct as they move to and fro.

We should have people programs - not what they have quietly planned,
Not some of their hidden party policies concealed in the sand,
Not some politically appointed justice who never got a vote,
Soft on crime, terrorists and refugees and cell-phone remote.

The intellectual tentacles of left wing are everywhere,
They would have us all in communes if they could; so beware,
Or in their organization where we are compelled to bond,
Because of their rules and regulations and we canít go beyond.

Itís not called lies these days; they call it misinformation,
And when politicians do it, itís called administration,
When it takes more time to get to the airport than to Montreal,
Why canít we build a subway there and not have to crawl?

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