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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - What did I miss along the way?

What did I miss along the way?


James Bredin

Time was once my great friend but these days it looks the other way,
It now has me trapped in old age and I have to obey,
And few people have much respect for seniors or give a damn,
I guess they think I had my kick at the can and soon I can scram.

My memory banks are full though Iím still trying for have more,
People, places and faces back to when I thought I knew the score,
Back to a time when Toronto was known as Toronto the Good,
Before loud music and ghetto types inclined to wear a hood.

Though I hate to think of what I may have missed along the way,
The girls I kissed, some I missed especially when I was pissed,
Between blackouts, good luck and good fortune, I seem to have survived,
Here I am today, old, bogged down in memories but Iíve arrived.

I canít deny the fact that one of these days I will die,
Then itís all over and only the preachers and priests can deny,
They might say that I was a good guy and Iíll live forever,
They have to put on a front and a good pompous endeavor.

I just wish I could turn back the clock before I run out of time,
For just twenty, thirty years or more - that would be just fine,
So many memories of people, places, faces and words,
The good, the bad, the indifferent, the criminals and the nerds.

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