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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - We need another inquisition

We need another inquisition


James Bredin

From the safety blanket place on their high pulpit perch,
Dressed in fancy colored vestments - pedophile priests lurch,
Are these sick souls still screaming to justify their cruel stuff?
As they claim that they’re being mistreated oddly enough.

And when accused, they’re just moved ten miles down the road,
To another parish where their past becomes a secret code,
Hypocritical organization where Cannon law is supreme,
A law unto themselves inside their conspiratorial regime.

We need another inquisition but this one to check them out,
To tell us the truth - how many pedophile priests are out and about?
Not the shrugged silence of the haughty pompous priesthood,
Callous celibates that can’t marry nice girls; is that understood?

But keep the faith they say and for god’s sake close the drapes,
Never mention pedophile stuff and especially their priestly rapes,
Was Mary Magdalene a hooker until nineteen sixty nine?
What happened to change things and is she now divine?

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