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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - War and peace

War and peace


James Bredin

There is always a slight danger that peace might break out,
Politicians of course know what this is really all about,
Factories might have to close if there’s no need for guns and stuff,
Economy might take a dive, fewer jobs and times could get tough.

Is it depression or is it war; what’s it all about?
Preferably a far distant war in case there’s any doubt,
And the enemy should be one that is real easy to hate,
Consequently there is never a need to have much debate.

Therefore they will find a reason to have another war,
Another god forsaken faraway place that we should ignore,
True, there are places in the world that are absolutely mad,
Murder, starvation, famine which is common out there but sad.

And then it gets worse as the UN wants us all involved,
Otherwise send bags of money so their problems can be solved,
They say we have a commitment to support those rogue regimes,
Regardless of starvation, Swiss accounts or terrorist screams.

As we the people tend to be led down a certain path,
No referendums, no recall while being taken for a bath,
We should have a vote if we are going to send soldiers to fight,
And maybe die in some faraway place that is not alright?

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