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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Toronto panhandlers

Toronto panhandlers


James Bredin

Homeless nameless panhandlers want to take over the city and soon,
Pushy demanding and annoying they seem to be immune,
From the law as they constantly pester the public for loose change,
Can’t be bothered getting a job and why should this be so strange?

Add to that, our sanctimonious politicians from hell,
Cater to panhandlers and tax and spend and their souls they would sell,
They’re going to form a committee to study this and that,
These criminal homeless villains have won this combat,

It’s the cops who are at fault and they should show more respect,
To politicians and the homeless whom they’re paid to protect,
And soft-on-crime appointed judges really know the score,
Arrested gang guys and terrorists get immediate bail and $more.

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