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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Toronto Tough Times

Toronto Tough Times


James Bredin

Mayor Miller has got himself and us in a financial bind,
He wanted to raise our taxes and thought we wouldnít mind,
But they stopped this socialist in his tax-and-spend tracks,
And now heís mad as hell at us and is going to get us back.

Theyíre going to cut the Transit System in half they say,
As punishment for questioning the mayorís integrity; OK?
So you may have to walk to work a very long distance,
Itís for midnight-basketball programs and more social assistance.

The city smacks of incompetence from the tip top down,
And from tax-and-spend politicians, we only get a frown,
The citizens never participate in City Hall decisions,
And nothing is allowed to change and there will be no revisions.

They are going to knock down some welfare buildings and build more,
No one knows why and only politicians know the score,
They call it revitalization - or maybe abuse of power,
Blocking public input again from high inside their ivory tower.

Democracy hollowed out by closed-agenda politicians,
Public trained by a TV screen to altered hyped-up conditions,
Truth can be twisted and manipulated to calm the crowds,
Donít underestimate their propaganda as it comes in loud.

The manufacture of consent by public relations types,
Could bury incompetence or corruption with their hypes,
Could cause us to accept something even though we know itís wrong,
One-way flow of indoctrination from this political throng.

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