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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Toronto Political Gridlock

Toronto Political Gridlock


James Bredin

In order to be a politician, one has to be dumb,
And then it gets worse because one also has to be numb,
Taxing and spending and threatening to close transportation,
They’re into left wing programs but don’t you dare show your frustration.

They’re going to cut the Transit System in half they say,
As punishment for questioning the mayor’s integrity; OK?
So you may have to walk to work a very long distance,
That is, if you have a job and not on social assistance.

The city smacks of incompetence from the tip top down,
As from tax-and-spend politicians, we only get a frown,
Citizens not allowed to partake in their discussions,
And not allowed to think of democracy or repercussions.

Gridlock happened twenty years ago and then it got worse,
Sitting for hours in traffic became the expected curse,
Watching a long line of cars stretched out the front and out the back,
An all day affair that our politicians refuse to counteract.

They have no vision, no agenda, no plan and the just don’t care,
We may spend the rest of our lives in gridlock so beware,
Can’t build rapid transit or subways to Toronto airport,
And they have the illusion that they’re sure of your support.

Can’t allow a bridge to the island because that might be smart,
Love pushy panhandlers and street people and take them to heart,
And they want to tear down the elevated Gardner Express way,
Is it possible they are brain dead and they think this is okay?

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