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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The soft-on-crime activists

The soft-on-crime activists


James Bredin

Educated activists with a grudge and a government grant,
Held committee meetings and kept up their socialist chant,
Seemed to think that they had this left-wing obligation,
To scream and point their fingers and shout discrimination.

Once again, they had time on their hands and claimed to have found a flaw,
Despite hijacked mass media and opinion that changed the law,
Where vicious young criminal thugs didnít have to pay the price,
And law-abiding people would have to behave like mice.

So the names of brutal young criminals could not be made known,
Rules of soft-on-crime left-wing activists on their cell phones,
Those who disagree can be called prejudiced, racist or worse,
As fatherless gangsta culture of guns and drugs walk behind a hearse,

Welfare visitor fathers seldom seen in the ghetto place,
Politically correct single welfare mothers in your face,
Institutionalized missing fathers is the way things are,
Taxpayers pay for this set-up though it may seem bizarre.

A socialist social workerís dream where no one goes to work,
This nightmare welfare-dependent ghetto place of jerks,
In the papers every day and has been for forty years,
Where politicians sell their souls for a vote or so it appears.

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