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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The multicultural criminal refugee

The multicultural criminal refugee


James Bredin

The criminal immigrant went before a judge to plead his case,
Told the judge to deport him would be racist, right to his face,
The unquestioned political appointee judge didnít know what to do.
Making politically correct decisions was really all he knew.

So the combination of soft-on-crime judges and appointees,
Caused the Criminal Code and Immigration Act to freeze,
So when these illegal criminal immigrants got caught,
They used the magic word "refugee" as they all had been taught.

And we were told that itís multiculturalism so itís great,
No need for democracy, referendums, recalls or debate,
They have their hidden UN agenda which we are bound to obey,
We might sometimes get a vote but we never have a say.

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