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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Poor Refugee Claimant

The Poor Refugee Claimant


James Bredin

There are indeed poor worthy international refugees,
And normal people everywhere are inclined to agree,
But there are many others, who use the refugee cause,
To avoid criminal responsibility using UN flaws.

The war-crimes refugee claimants might be abused over there,
Our sanctimonious apathetic appointees always seem to care,
Not about how the Canadian justice system is viewed,
But how our international Charter of Rights can be screwed.

That and goody-two-shoe politicians with their global cause,
Whose appointees delay all decisions with a long pause,
For years and years that allow the illegal terrorists to stay,
Maybe increase their criminal record and never go away.

These criminal terrorists in Canada seem to have it made,
So few get deported and we are the people being betrayed?
And you canít ask this elitist secretive judicial crowd,
-- No binding referendums nor political recalls allowed.

And the distant removal risk assessment has to be done,
That plus the twenty layers of legal-aid appeals just begun,
And this could take years as legal-aid lawyers all agree,
We may never watch a conclusion to this on TV.

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