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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Soft on elligal refugees and criminals

Soft on elligal refugees and criminals


James Bredin

He got life in jail but eligible for parole in five days,
He has to promise to be good and amend his criminal ways,
And his name cannot be published because of some crazy law,
So nobody can know who he is or that a foolish law is flawed.

And our hypocrite politicians say everything is great,
No need for referendums or recall and little debate,
Insignificant events in parliament they might discuss,
But without recall or referendums you just canít cause a fuss.

Did that terrorist refugee claimant deny he had AIDS?
Denied he trained in Afghanistan, how to use a grenade
Allowed in by the proud Immigration and Refugee Board,
Did they take the word of that refugee who seems to have scored?

The politically correct types were reading Trudeauís Charter,
Written for "Everyone" including a suicide martyr,
Pompously written for every single person on the globe,
It doesnít matter whatís hidden under his white pyjama robe.

And our harebrained legislators appear to be on crack,
No terrorist in Canada, they say, would dare to attack,
Because weíre so good and green and politically correct,
Christmas may even be cancelled, out of political respect.

And next week all women may be required to cover their heads,
Will it be a burka, a chador, a shawl, ordered by the feds?
Definitely from those appointed to the Supreme Court,
And we bend over backwards as if this was some sort of sport.

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