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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Soft -on-crime justice

Soft -on-crime justice


James Bredin

They scream for social justice and claim that they are always right,
They want to make sure that criminal sentences are always light,
Their hidden soft-on-crime agenda always concealed in the mist,
Where no politically correct citizen would dare resist.

They say that there’s too many of their proud people in jail,
Too many minority members in there without bail,
So it is obvious that systematic racism is involved,
And most of these friendly criminals should be absolved.

So they should be released now and discrimination should halt,
Their crimes should not be crimes because it was not their fault,
It’s our society that’s prejudiced and we’ll just have to change,
When they’re all out of prison we’ll see what we can arrange.

And people will have to be more tolerant of their anxiety,
It will make for a more politically correct society,
It must be the cops who are at fault and everybody knows,
Politicians appoint Supreme Court judges and no one to oppose.

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