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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Socialist Sacred Cow

Socialist Sacred Cow


James Bredin

Miles and more miles of buildings, mostly brave happy single mothers,
Playing the victim card like their many friends and countless others,
Getting paid by the government for doing nothing at all,
Politically correct collusion plus welfare wall to wall.

As they constantly make more babies to increase their pay,
And welfare workers say itís encouraged, accepted and okay,
Unwed mothers, missing fathers, making more babies by the score,
Politically correct ghetto place, weíre encouraged to ignore.

Where government politicians and judges bend backwards for sure,
And for these serial social problems, there is no easy cure,
Where guns, drugs, gangs, and an attitude of entitlement abound,
Where no one goes to work so they tend to hang around.

Itís not only the criminals but the system that is at fault,
The easy bail and no-name allowed for the criminal assaults,
And you are not allowed to notice this, or that something is wrong,
Theyíll call you racist or homophobic so you better get along.

Where their socialist left-wing policies are a sacred cow,
Where elite politicians think itís great and stand and take a bow,
You canít ask a question or even think that this is false,
No referendums, no recall in our socialist wicked waltz.

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