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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Politically correct socialism

Politically correct socialism


James Bredin

Society with symptoms of politically-correct plague,
That cannot be mentioned or cured, so we pretend and be vague,
Social stigma, disgrace and shame in that welfare ghetto place,
Guns, gangs, bullets, death, blood, single mothers, and race in your face.

Lots of attitude where judges are known to be soft on crime,
Criminals in and out of jail but do very little time,
Back to the project chock a block with single mothersí sons,
In various gangs, all speaking slang and some with stashed guns.

They often try to shoot each other and when they donít miss,
Dead victims lionized at black T-shirt funerals in this abyss,
Where loud announcements are made about violence and death,
But sometimes innocent bystanders get shot and run out of breath.

Loud mouth hoodlum mind-set all screaming discrimination,
But the public is kept in the dark with little explanation,
Government providing additional funds just to cover their ass,
Appoint two or three high profile friends to write them a pass.

Ontario Housing welfare projects everywhere wall to wall,
Society spinning out of control where we are forced to crawl,
Canít have the broken-window policy this summer or fall,
Might interfere with their programs or maybe midnight basketball.

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