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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Political recall and referendums

Political recall and referendums


James Bredin

What happens if your politician decides to cross the floor?
Itís already happened in Ottawa several times before,
Then he/she joins some terrible awful party on the other side,
Itís a slap in the face as you are left abandoned with no pride.

Suppose he/she then joins the Communist Party, what can you do?
Still nothing, my friend, because you have to obey the rule,
And you canít recall the turncoat because itís not allowed,
Regardless of what you think or even say or scream aloud.

You realize your politician is as dumb as a stick,
Though he could be in office for maybe five years and even six,
And if you want to change that, you canít because youíll be denied,
As you realize what he/she did to get elected was lied.

Canadians need recall to get rid of turncoat trash,
To bring back political democracy in one quick bash,
Or maybe binding referendums to drive the point home,
Turn them into homeless political creatures and let them roam.

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