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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Perv Priests

Perv Priests


James Bredin

The perv joined the priesthood long ago to avoid taking a wife,
His mother was excited and so proud of him, all her life,
She told all those who would listen that she had a son a priest,
This would get her to heaven no doubt, past St Peter at least.

The percentage of perv pedophile priests they say is low,
The diocesan bishops have the number but weíll never know,
Some perv priests are homosexuals and some of them are not,
Dressed in colorful vestments and pompously preaching a lot.

Fourteen pedophile perv priests they say are presently in the pen,
While an unknown number are still pompously preaching about sin,
And the church is selling property to pay for the civil suits,
They find itís the easiest way to settle these disputes.

One perv priest said he would pray for us if he could get house arrest,
Didnít want to do pen time where another perv might molest,
God forbid that truth and reality might be turned on him,
And the bishop had to think about this but not about the sin,

I am of the impression that pedophile priests are vile,
Should have at least a hand and a leg chopped off, Sharia style,
Or be stoned to death like many adulterous Moslem maidens,
Should we phone up and maybe get approval from Ben Laden.

And of course, you are wondering if any of this is true,
Changes to our soft-on-crime court system overdue but who knew,
Where criminals waltz in and out of jail like a holiday camp,
No binding referendums or recall and its like a rubber stamp.

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