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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Pedophile Priests

Pedophile Priests


James Bredin

Ten thousand pedophile priests came to their conference that day,
They weren’t sure whether they should talk, sing, play or maybe pray,
Some were parish priests; some were cannons and even a deacon,
Some Irish, English, American and even a Puerto Rican.

Four hundred and eleven of these priests went out to protest,
They demanded humanitarian rights because they were blessed,
The bishops never said that they had to change or even leave town,
They might move them to another parish but never clamp down.

They wanted their constitutional rights recognized in writing,
They declared this pompous pedophile proposal was exciting,
They wanted one of their own appointed to the Supreme Court,
Because they felt they needed much more judicial support.

Because too many of their members were persecuted in jail,
And the church was being sued left right and center without fail,
This type of conduct would stop if they had constitutional rights,
And they could stand on the pulpit, forgive sin while dressed in tights.

They want no jail time because their sins have all been forgiven,
They forgave each other all their sins and they’re going to heaven,
Same-sex marriages and pedophile priests should have their say,
And to hell with all the others; they can just go away.

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